Josie has an extensive background in graphic design and marketing. With a degree from San Diego State University, Josie’s work inspires, informs, and captivates her clients. Her work extends from creating marketing collateral, to social media content, to entire brand concepts and guidelines.

She has worked with Real Estate professionals and small businesses to create ongoing ad campaigns which include brochures, email blasts, and digital content. Josie is especially adept with creating brand identities that align with business’s unique value propositions. Designing logos, style guides, and websites, she delivers entire brand guidelines, differentiating her clients from their competitors.

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Real Estate

Inland Pacific

Inland Pacific is a Commercial Real Estate Brokerage based in San Diego. Specializing in investment sales, tenant representation, agency leasing, and property management. Josie creates all marketing collateral for the firm. This includes property brochures ranging from 5 to 40 pages, creating weekly LinkedIn posts, and generating custom email blasts for targeted databases.


Uniquely created for prospective clients.

Email Marketing

Seamless automated marketing campaigns.
Argent eblast
MarketWatch Eblast

LinkedIn Posts

Reaching the professional network.

Brand Guidelines & Secondary Logos


Starkey Brothers

Starkey Brothers specializes in all taxation returns including personal, corporate, partnerships, LLC, estate, non-resident, and non-profit returns. Their logo represents an unmatched level of service and ethics.

Canyonside Collection

The Canyonside Collection includes new condos at Eagle Point Resort in Utah. The logo reflects the atmosphere of Eagle Point, that is both luxurious and modern. Each color represents nature of the area and the fonts represent that of Eagle Point, simple and modern magnificence.



Flux is a book that compares a man’s journey in fighting cancer to the article, Why Embracing Change is the Key to a Good Life by Lindsay Baker, which discusses Heraclitus’ Theory of Flux. The goal of this project was to create a multi-page/multi-surface document that demonstrates the interaction between two texts: a macro and a micro text. Through topographic lines, a journey is illustrated, starting with being prepared, to being hit with change, to later embracing the change.